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A Literature Review on understanding factors Influencing children and young people's involvement in county lines and criminal gangs

The objective of this report was to explore the degree to which various factors impact the involvement of children and young people into county lines drug dealing and criminal gangs. A comprehensive and systematic literature review was conducted, encompassing diverse literature surrounding social, health, criminal, and legal factors. The review identified three significant factors: drill music, social media, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). Grooming was apparent in all three themes...

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Are the police the appropriate agency to respond to instances of mental ill health?

In today’s society, mental health is becoming a more common issue than ever before. Whether this is something to do with the way we go about our daily lives, with the increase of social media, the decrease of face to face interactions, exposure to drugs and alcohol, or if it is simply that there is more awareness and acceptance now, it seems to be more abundant in the modern world...

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How can mental health and resilience training in England and Wales be improved to help police officers manage their mental health?

Policing is not easy and involves working in a high-risk environment with frequent exposure to traumatic incidents. This amount of physical and emotional stress on the body can lead to depletion, increasing the likelihood of mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress. Depletion in this sense means physically going downhill...

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Terror on Britain’s roads: To what extent do the fatal five offences contribute to the cause of fatal road traffic collisions

Fatal five related fatalities are one of the UK’s largest killers, causing mayhem across Britain’s roads. Systematic police approaches have endeavoured to reduce these road fatalities however, research indicates the issue remains complex. A review of data, including age and gender differences plays a vital role in risky behavioural traits displayed by each gender in differing characteristics, where such behaviours have contributed towards road traffic collisions...

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To what extent have past abuse of power affected the trust that women and girls have in the police and what effect does this have on violence against women and girls.

This report will summarise the existing literature and research around the history of violence against women and girls (VAWG) and past police abuse of power. It will firstly examine the copiousness amounts of literature surrounding the topic of VAWG, including facts and figures from the Office for National Statistics and studies which are topic specific. This research found that women and girls globally are disproportionately victimised simply because they are women (True, 2012)...

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Why do burglars reoffend, and what impact does this have on the police and community, whilst also considering the influence which the crime has on Surrey.

The project researched causes as to why criminals who commit burglary go onto reoffend, notably after being dealt with by the police. It also measured the wider impact which the crime has on the police and community alike, whilst also addressing the influence burglary has in the County of Surrey. The initial content looked at the makeup of a criminal whilst reviewing literature which identified various types of offending behavioural theories...

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